peteAnother Londoner is the rhythm guitarist Pete, he is a born again musician!

Having Played with "The New Look" in the late 60's and early 70's playing venues like "The Bunny Club" in Mayfair, "Club Des Artists" in Putney and "The Wichdoctor" in Catford where the band supported Desmond Dekker. He then took a long hibernation. This means he is the oldest member in the band but reckons he doesn't look the eldest (vanity or what!).

After coming to Spain he formed "Back in Time" a pop covers band. After three years they broke-up when Big John the drummer went on to co-form "Coinbox" while Pete with Gumpsy and Dave Speers (our original bassist, now with "Costa Rock" and the "Sessionistas") decided opt out of "pop" and play Blues and Rock and "Snakey Jake" was formed. The name was later changed to the one you all know and love us now as "Karma".

Pete has also worked with "The Sessionistas", "Citrus" and "The Sundancers". His musical persuasions are Soul, Blues, Ska, Rock and Gospel.

He also provides the guys with a place to rehearse and record their songs in the basement of his home in the countryside. We get together every week to practice our stuff and have fun while we're about it.

We have even been known to hang around after a rehearsal for a crafty cold beer or two...