Meet the newest member of the band and read all about a very fine, rhythmic and even tempered drummer, Roland!

After the shock departure of Dave following a rather unpleasant meeting after the Ginger Pig gig in July 2018, we needed to settle things down as fast as possible. Lucky for us, along came old faithful Roland!

rolandAs you can see from his picture, he's a very good timekeeper and not prone to bouts of excessive drun fills, double bass pedal acrobatics or overdoing things in general. In fact, you can just tell him what to do and he does it without ever questioning your reasons or finding excuses to argue the toss with anyone.

As a musician, Roland has the band's interests at heart in that the music comes first every time. He freely admits that he can't sing and is sorry he can't join in our carefully orchestrated harmonies. But we'll forgive him that almost negligible disadvantage.

To his credit, you'll never catch Roland trying to do anything that might detract from his on-stage performance.

Like trying to carry half a lorry load of pallets to build a stage where one isn't needed in the first place, instead of concentrating on his first priority, which is to ensure he has all the drum hardware he needs and that it's set up the way he needs it.

I mean, what drummer in his right mind would leave the selection of his hardware and the setting up of his kit to anyone else?

And then nearly killing himself in the heat playing when he's completely worn out from his earlier exertions.

And blaming everyone but himself for that too.

And you never hear him complaining, being negative or blaming the rest of the band for his woes because we're all lazy bastards for not helping to set up the gear or fucking off early after we've finished.

He never calls us ignorant cunts, never tries to force his moronic ultra-left-wing political views on us (because he doesn't have any) and never abuses our hospitality and good nature. He never drinks all our beer and then tells us all to fuck off.

Nope. Roland is respectful, mild mannered and always eager to give praise where praise is due.

I love Roland. What a guy!