Bistro Las Amigas, Coin 25th February 2017

Into 2017 and our first gig of the year with new drummer, Ivor and some interesting musical changes that see the band evolving further into an originals plus covers live event not to be missed!

Karma Live at Bistro Las Amigas, Coin Feb 2017Let's begin with a nice image taken of the band in full swing and a low-down on what went on that night in the popular restaurant/bar on the outskirts of the Andalucian town of Coin. It was a reasonably early start at around 8pm and we were only booked to play until 11pm so that meant two one hour sets with a break in between. Pretty standard stuff for us.

First Set

The first set consisted of our usual mix of originals and covers, opening with our version of the Who classic, "Substitute" and following on with Brad's "I Won't Let You Down." With rock/blues based covers from John Mayall (All the Love I Miss Lovin'), Led Zeppelin (What is and What Should Never Be) mixed with up-tempo offerings from Ian Dury (Sweet Gene Vincent) and the Clash's (London Calling) creating a powerful foil for our own songs, the set was a good 'un as always!

Our own songs in the first set included, "Lemon Moon," "Hard Times," "Long Long Time" and "Stealthy Karma" all written by Brad.

Second Set

The second set opened with myself (Terry Roberts) handing the bass to Brad and taking up his trusty HM Strat to play lead guitar on three of his own songs that are all relatively new to the set. They were: "Hold Back the Hours," "Stranded" and "Crystal Rose," the latter being one I'd written with Mama Paula back in 2003 but have since expanded it from its original three chord repeated instrumental progression with Paula's trademark riffs to a full-blown song complete with chorus and lyrics added by me last year.

After the switch around, Brad and I traded back our guitars to inject some aggression into the set with the Jam's "Start" followed by a brace of popular covers from the Beatles, Stones, Queen and another Jam classic, "Eton Rifles." We finished off the set with three high octane classics, "Summertime Blues, "Brown Sugar" and the Howling Wolf classic, "Killing Floor."

A great night was had by all who attended and we even had some couples up and dancing to some of those classic up-tempo songs to make a great night just perfect.

What's Next?

You'll be able to see again soon enough at the Road Demons clubhouse in April. Don't miss it because we're firing on all cylinders and are a "must-see" band if you like live music that has the extra edge of including some original songs that you will NOT hear anywhere else!