Karma: News

In this section of the site, I'll be posting reviews of our own gigs to put some information out there for anyone who's interested. It's something I probably should have got started on a long time ago, but you know how it is with musicians...

Anyway, this page will list the article titles in chronological order with the latest gigging news at the top of the pile. If you were at the gig yourself or you missed it and would like to know how it went, click the title link to open the write-up page.

Karma Gig News Write-Ups

Here they all are. Don't read them all at once...




PS: I'll try to include as much as I can remember, with the get out clause that while I'm usually completely stone cold sober at gigs, there are the occasional times (when I'm not driving) that I allow myself a cold refreshment or two (or several, depending on the circumstances) which will undoubtedly contain a percentage of alcohol...

On the plus side, there will be lots to write about, especially when we had a good one, which is ALL of them! This will also serve as a kind of discography of our live appearances at bars, clubs and other events that we play at.

Playing Live

Playing in the band at live events is the whole reason we do this. Rehearsing each week is for learning new songs, crafting songs that we have written into band format so they're playable and for making sure we don't forget songs that we haven't played for a while.

You can rehearse until you're blue in the face but if you don't get out there and play in front of people, what's the point? It's a two way thing. We play the music and you, the audience get to enjoy what all our hard work has resulted in!