Hi! I'm Terry, a musician (guitarist/bass guitarist) and singer who has been around for a lot of years. In my 50s now, I can look back on many happy times playing and singing in a variety of different bands as a hobby for most of my life.

terry vocals bassThat's me in the picture on the right, playing bass guitar and singing - something a lot of bassists don't do! OK, I'm showing off, but the great thing is that I can, because that's what I can do!

One thing: I never took it to the big time, not because I didn't have the talent or the ability, but simply because it wasn't where I wanted to go. I have always worked at things I enjoy doing too much to give them up for a musical career, preferring to keep it as something I truly enjoy as a hobby rather than a profession.

That doesn't mean I don't get paid for performing and showing off my talents! I do and I get paid very well for doing it!

You see, I have the best of both worlds. I get to keep my anonymity from the big wide world and enjoy a private life away from the prying eyes of the media (because it's what I want), while still being able to enjoy singing and performing at a local level. I get all the fun, enjoyment and financial reward for what I do without the fame.

Not everyone will want to do as I do, of course. Many people want the fame that goes with being a musical performer and that's great too. It's just not for me, is all.

How did I learn how to sing? I never had any formal lessons, that's for sure. I learned by first watching other singers very closely to see what they did, asked a lot of questions of singers that I worked with in bands and got shown the tricks of the trade from the people that knew them. Then I practised what they showed me and learned how to sing in tune and develop my vocal ability to be able to sing for two hours or more on stage at a live performance in front of an audience.

You can do that too by watching and learning from an online video course that you can do at home!