Welcome to the website for Southern Spain's one and only A-List ORIGINAL Rock Band playing live at premium venues and biker gigs in Malaga Province on the famous Costa del Sol. karma spain

We have a lot of experience playing all kinds of live gigs from small bars to huge biker event concerts.

Welcome to Karma!

For the last year or so, the band have been writing their own songs and performing them at gigs. We've added one or two new songs each time and now we are at the point where we can actually perform a full concert with ONLY our own songs.

That's right, no covers! Of course, we do include some well known covers in our live performances, but the majority of the songs are our own.

This year will see the band recording live video of their concerts and uploading the best of their own songs to Youtube. Find us here: Karma Spain.

The first song uploaded is entitled: "Find a Way" and was recorded at the biker's club house in Coin at a rehearsal on a mobile phone. Unfortunately the sound was pretty distorted, but it's still worth a look!

Vintage Footage: You can check out our first ska song performed at the Luna Azul hotel in Coin back in 2013 here:

"One More Step"

Great for ska lovers, right! However, this is just one song, not really representitive of our entire musical repertoir. That's made up of a mix of original rock, funk-rock, blues rock and the odd ska with a smattering of rock and blues covers thrown in for good measure!

New Lineup 2020

Karma grew back in 2018 to become a 5-Piece as you can see from the image (right) of us playing live at the Road Demons clubhouse in Coin on 14th April 2018.

karma 2018We have a superb sax player (Jaap Vander) added to our lineup and you can see him with us at our next live gig.

The music has changed a little too, since the departure of guitarist and vocalist Brad. We're more rock than roll, that's for sure!

Fast Forward 2020:

Now we're in to the latter stages of 2020 and the band has changed again. Latest news at September 2020:

Pete, the founding member of the band has decided to call it a day on gigging and has left the band. We are all very sad to see him go. :(

So now we are four. That's us in the header image across the top of the page, playing live at the Coyote Saloon in Fuengirola on 7th August this year. We will continue to rehearse and get out there and play live when the gigs present themselves.

Our current lineup is Geoff on bass guitar and vocals, Jaap on saxophone, Edward on drums and yours truly, Terry on guitar and vocals.

Oh, did I not mention I've retired the bass and returned to my main instrument? And I'm still using my old white 1989 Fender HM Strat that's been my main guitar like forever (since I bought it new in Denmark St - Tin Pan Alley - all those years ago)! That's it in the picture, above right.

We've introduced some more new numbers to our set including more originals as well as some rockin' covers like the Judas Priest version of Fleetwood Mac's "Green Manalishi" for example.

Live Dates 2020:

As I mentioned, we're still gigging where possible. Thst's not so easy in today's fear-fuelled climate, but there are still some places to play.

If you want to see some first rate live music and like to hear original songs that no one else is doing, then come along to one of our live gigs and see us in action.

Entry is free and start times will be late evening unless otherwise stated.

  • Not much doin' this year thanks to the stupid plandemic, lockdowns and other strongarm restrictions grrr...
  • 5 Aug: Private Party Alhaurin el Grande
  • 7 Aug: Coyote Saloon Mijas Costa (Near Aldi just off Camino de Coin, Fuengirola)

...more live dates to be announced. Keep music live!

You asked: Why don't we play more live gigs?

The short answer is the Spanish authorities require that all musicians are registered as autonomo (self employed). Proof of this must be produced when tax officers visit and inspect bars providing live entertainment. Failure to do so can result in fines up to €3,000 per musician.

That would be fine if we all got paid what we were really worth and could afford the hefty monthly social security payment. But we don't. That probably goes for around 90% of musicians here.

It is just not economical to be self employed when you play a few gigs here and there. This is obviously bad for live entertainment and tourism, but unfortunately common sense is not something the authorities possess in great abundance.

So rather than risk being screwed deeply in the collective arsehole by greedy, grabbing, lying, corrupt politicians, we raise the big finger in their direction!

Needless to say, that means fewer public gigs for us. Shit happens.

However, there are still some places that side-step the draconian rules and allow live music. We'll be there when we can!

And when the moronic, fake CRAPID-19 scamdemic is finally publicly exposed as the Big Lie of the Century in a way that the poor, fooled masses will actually accept... and we can get back to normal life.

Rock on!