Jamorama Review

Learn to play guitar for beginners, improve your style and discover advanced playing techniques with Jamorama online video course.

Read my review right here and discover the perfect learning program for guitarists old and new that is affordable, full spec and represents truly great value.

Hi I'm Terry, long time guitarist and gigging musician and I want to tell you about the Jamorama online teaching course. This is an excellent program for anyone interesting in learning how to play or improving on what they already know about playing the guitar.

The King of Rock Instruments

There's no getting away from it, this beautifully crafted and designed six stringed musical masterpiece is the absolute undisputed king of all rock, blues, country, rock 'n' roll and pop music ever! No other instrument allows its player to get right up at the front of the stage and get in the faces of the front row audience with attitude, respectability and flair than the guitar!

Sure there are pretenders to the crown, like maybe the sax or those ill-conceived handheld keyboards that wannabe axmen think makes them look cool. But come on! How dorky did Jan Hammer ever look pretending to play a slick riffs and serious lead work on that dumb piece of plastic slung around his neck?

OK, joking aside. You want to learn to play the guitar because it is the epitome of coolness, rebelliousness and skilled seriousness all rolled into one very elegantly honed slab of wood!

Where is the Best Place to Be Taught how to Play Guitar?

I won't lie to you here just to get you to buy a copy of the course I'm reviewing a little further along. The best place to learn how to play this instrument is one-on-one with a professional teacher as many times a week as you can manage.

The only major drawback of that scenario is that unless you have very deep pockets (or parents with very deep pockets and a desperate need to give their offspring what they want), paying for a professional tutor can be seriously expensive! Maybe a one-off lesson won't break the bank, but trust me, over the course a several weeks it adds up.

I know so, because I taught guitar (and bass) at a local academy and I know what they were charging those kids! I don't teach any more, by the way.

So the next best method of learning to play is to get hold of a video tutoring course that's been created by a professional player with great teaching skills. Now before I go full tilt into talking about Jamorama, I want to make something clear.

Free Stuff is Not Always the Best Option

There are loads of free videos out there on Youtube etc that claim to teach you this or that and some of them will do that up to a point. But the only problem with the free stuff is they're not always very well put together and many will teach you the wrong things or get you into bad habits that are tough to break later when you want to progress onto more advanced things.

While there are some good ones around, finding them is not always easy. And let's be brutally honest here: unless you are an accomplished player how the heck are you going to know what's good and what's garbage?

You just wouldn't know!

What I'm saying here is to do this right. Because assuming you are serious about wanting to master this instrument, you owe it to yourself to get the best tuition and learn the right way.

Don't waste a load of time searching though tons of free stuff, most of which will turn out to be useless at beat and positively harmful at worst. A lot of those free videos are purely there to get you to buy am online course anyway and won't teach you much, if anything about playing.

Why Jamorama is a Great Choice of Online Video Guitar Tuition Course

You're probably wondering why you should at least take a closer look at Jamorama to help you to learn how to play a guitar and why I'm recommending it to you. Here are some pretty good reasons:

  • I already tried it myself and even though I'm an experienced player, I can tell you it taught me some techniques I didn't already know as well as reminded me of a lot of things I'd forgotten in the mists of time.
  • It doesn't cost a lot to buy and once you have it, it's yours for life.
  • It's the next best thing to having your own personal coach, just this one is showing and telling you what to do via your TV set or computer.
  • It's easy to follow and set out in simple steps taking you from the basics all the way up to playing complete songs in a variety of styles and using all the established techniques.
  • Courses cover all levels of ability from beginners to advanced and include theory, creative playing, technical skills and loads more besides.
  • Huge library of course material that you have unlimited access to
  • Versatile: watch the videos on your TV, computer, tablet or even on your phone!

The course creator and tutor is long time established guitar teacher Mark McKenzie who has been teaching all levels for 20 years. It's pretty popular too, with over 250,000 students having enjoyed the easy learning methods and fun strategies that have helped them to grow as serious musicians playing their favourite instrument with confidence and skill.

Does Jamorama Give Free Lessons?

I'm glad you asked that question, because the straight answer is "Yes, they do!"

You can sign up for a series of free lessons to see if you like the teaching approach and then take it from there if you want to. No pressure and definitely no salesman hassling you to part with your money!

You decide if it's the course you want. And if it is, then the decision you make to buy it is yours, not some sleazy salesmen!

Take a closer look and check out those free introductory lessons to test drive the course by clicking the link below that just opens the official website for you:

Click HERE and visit Jamorama.com and Find Out for Yourself!

Note: As an affiliate of Jamorama I earn commission from qualifying sales.