JamPlay Guitar Lessons Review

From beginners wanting to learn to play the guitar to experts looking for cool new techniques, JamPlay guitar lessons online rock! Read this review to discover a tuition course that has already helped over 300,000 guitarists to learn how to play, improve and master their instrument, so you want to take notice of this review!

Hi. I'm Terry and this is my site. If you just landed on this page from a search query or whatever looking for a top rated online guitar training program like JamPlay, I'm a professional gigging guitarist, bass player and singer that's been around for a lot of years!

I've been active playing and giving one-on-one guitar and bass tuition to lots of players over the years. So why am I so fired up over JamPlay?

learn how to play guitar with jamplay

What Can JamPlay Teach You?

I've tried their online training courses and even though I'm well versed in the many aspects of guitarist techniques and skills, this program still managed to teach me a thing or several! I truly believe that it doesn't matter how skilled you are as a player, you are always learning and there are always new things to discover about this amazing, versatile instrument.

For absolute beginners, it is a must have course if you can't afford to get on-on-one coaching. And let's face it, private tuition can be a pretty expensive way to learn how to play guitar!

For intermediate level players, it is great for improving your skill set and learning a ton of really amazing techniques. It's also a necessity if you want to take your playing to the next level and get out on stage and blow your audience away!

For expert and long term players like myself, it is still well worth getting just to pick up all the cool tricks you didn't already know. And let's be brutally honest here, you and I do NOT know it all, no matter how much the ego might have us believe, right!

Note: As an affiliate of JamPlay I earn commission from qualifying sales.

What Do You Want to Learn?

There really is something for everyone in this incredible learning course from literally thousands of individual lessons all recorded in HD video. Over four and a half thousand of them to be more precise!

It really comes down to what exactly you want to gain from a training program and which areas of your own playing you wish to develop. That includes taking things right from the start and getting going at beginner level right up to improving skills you have already developed to give you that wow factor when you play.

It doesn't matter which style of music you prefer, there is tons in here to include your personal preferences as well as helping to broaden your horizons in encompass styles you never thought you could master. And master them!

What You Get

The lessons range from beginners to advanced and cover all playing styles from blues to country to heavy metal and just about everything else in between. You get to see how to play riffs, chords, lead work and different styles of picking and fretting to take your own playing from where you are now to where you want to be.

You get to learn how to play complete songs from start to finish with all the chord and rhythm changes that occur as you go through them. This is a great way of developing your playing skill set so that you gain confidence and capability at performing in front of people to a really high standard.

Get More from JamPlay Membership

There is a lot more to JamPlay than their first rate downloadable guitarists lessons. You can also join their membership site and enjoy additional benefits.

These include getting free access to live guitar lessons with the most up to the minute techniques and new ways of playing that older courses simply cannot cater for. These lessons stream for up to eight hours every day so no matter where you live in the world you will be able to log in and learn from them.

As a member you also get free access to a huge range of additional benefits. These include the best teaching tools as well as sound and backing track libraries that you can play along with and develop your own personal playing style and technique.

Add to that the major benefit of being part of a big community of active players. There are members here from beginners right up to expert teachers who are available to answer your questions and build discussions around whatever you want to talk about.

Big Name Teachers

If you had any doubts as to the professionalism of this program, just take a look at a few examples from the long list of big name performing artists that are now guitar teachers here:

  • Ron Bumblefoot Thal of Guns'N'Roses
  • Steve Stevens of the Billy Idol band
  • Robb Flynn of Machine Head
  • Mike Mushok of Staind
  • Tosin Abasi of Animals to Leaders
  • Dave Weiner from Steve Vai's band
  • Tyler Grant from Grant Farm
  • Glen Drover of Megadeth and Testament
  • Lita Ford of The Runaways
  • ...and many more besides

That's only a small selection of the list of performing guitarists that you have access to as a member of JamPlay. There are dozens more specialist electric and acoustic guitar teachers that have recorded more lessons on video than you can shake a stick at!

How to Sign Up with Jamplay?

Have I tempted you to take a closer look for yourself at JamPlay yet? I hope so, because I can tell you from personal experience I was blown away by what this place has to offer any guitarist who is at any playing level. I guarantee you will be blown away too when you join up and see for yourself and start learning more than you ever dreamed possible.

To get more information on the course, the membership and all the benefits that are available at this site, please click the link below to head directly over there.

jamplay review

You will be very, very glad you did!

Please note that I am affiliated with JamPlay and will receive a small commission from any sales that originate from this page. That does not affect in any way the price you pay as it's the same whether you got there via this page or from someplace else.